Point cloud – result of scanning or of photogrammetry

Basis of laser scanning or of photogrammetry, which today are the quickest and most effective measurement techniques, geoprofil.co creates the ready product i.e. the cloud of points.


What in particular is the point cloud?

Point cloud is the multi-million collection of points forming the geometric representation of the scanned object. The point clouds are usually so dense that they seem to create continuous surface. Only after significant magnification it turns to be the collection of single points.

The point clouds are not interpreted as objects unrelated with one another. They are interpreted as the coherent structure. Many programs thanks to ability of setting the normal, offer possibility to look for planes, cylinders, balls and even more complex solid objects in the cloud. With use of the camera built in the scanner or external to it, one can attribute RGB values of pixels from the camera matrix. Thanks to it the cloud gains a realistic character and perfectly fits visualization.

Practical applications of the point clouds

  • Basis for monuments documentation,
  • Clash detection,
  • Basis for 2D documentation,
  • Output data for 3D modelling,
  • As-built inventories and measurements during the construction process,
  • Volume calculation,

    geoprofil.co also offers above products as derivatives of the point clouds – results of further processing of point clouds both in 2D and in 3D. More can be found further in the offer.

Formats available for cloud of points


Adapting to individual demands Geoprofil offers measurements, scan registration and export to any formats:

  • .POD – Pointools and Bentley format,

  • .PCG and RCSS – AutoDesk  format,

  • .FLS-Faro format,

  • .IMP, PTX Leica format,

  • .ZFC – Aveva, LFM Modeller format,

  • .PTS, XYZ – standard ASC II format,

  • .LAS, E57,

  • .RCP/RCS – Autodesk format

geoprofil.co also transfers data in free scan browser the so called TrueView in the form of Faro Scan2GO or RealWorks Viewer.