performs measurements with drone and ground photogrammetry

Geodetic measurements – drone, photogrammetry

Use of precision measurements from air enables Geoprofil to create several specialistic elaborations:

  • Orthophotomaps – This type of elaborations has wide range of applications from maps for design and planning purposes, through recreation resorts’ plans and commercial complexes up to setting usage plans, measurement of agricultural areas or documentation of natural disasters.

  • Numeric terrain models – basis of which it is possible to calculate the volume of earth masses, changes taking place in excavations and pit mine heaps, analysis of cliffs’ erosion or other natural phenomenon in quick and precise manner. Terrain models together with orthophotomaps are also used by archeologists to select future archeological sites.

  • Photo reports– inventory of construction stages – proper assessment of work progress is the nightmare of today’s road, rail or cubic construction. Use of UAS system – measurements with drone and advanced calculation methods one can create monthly reports which in a precise and incontestable way document the works done, enable to calculate earthworks and provide exact quantity of granular materials at the construction area. Color printout of such a study with the CAD project imposed enables to analyze how the works match the project assumptions on current basis.

  • Measurements of inaccessible and dangerous terrains– drone measurements are an ideal solution for terrains which are dangerous for different reasons. An example here can be wetlands, peatlands, heaps of loose materials or those affected by natural disasters. Drone surveying has wide applications in such inaccessible terrains.

  • Plant vegetation maps –  Thanks to the NDVI images one can obtain the orthophotomap of plant area showing the plants’ condition and their development status. It allows to prepare the precise plan of man interference as well as to react quick and in the proper place.

  • Land photogrammetry is also used for geodetic survey tasks, very often in combination with that from the air. performs precise 3D models of buildings, architecture elements or monuments. Land photogrammetric solutions are perfect to create façade views with the right color reproduction

Photogrammetry utilization in monuments protection