Material storage yards/mines – do you know how much material you have got?

Are you responsible for extraction, storage, transport or embedding loose material? Apart from irregularity problems, suppliers, recipients…exact quantity of material is also important to you. When the exact quantity is not certain and when is necessary to stop your activity to take measurements with traditional method, it can be very costly.


Performance o precise volume measurement with application of laser scanning or photogrammetry (measurements taken from drone) can fix the above problems.


Thus you benefit from:

  • Volume not to be questioned – measured with scanning or drone method with adequate survey

  • You do not have to stop work during measurement

Why not to rely on other actors of supply chain measurements?

It is experience that measurements taken by other companies may differ up to 15%. Whether it comes from measurement mistakes of lack of honesty – nobody knows. It is, however, certain that such difference is markable. Your is the decision if you want to be aware of it.

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chmura punktów, 2D CAD
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