5 problems you cope with architectural inventories and you do not really have to do so

Are you an architect? At geoprofil.co we know that you have quite many problems and challenges to solve every day.

You can come across the following when performing architectural-construction inventories:

  • Time consuming,
  • Necessity to engage an experienced architect,
  • Lack of certainty of complex measurements and objects of difficult access
  • Necessity of several visits to the object
  • Risk of collisions

It is nothing extraordinary, majority of design offices come across these at architectural inventories. At geoprofil.co we know how many positions you represent each day – creator, service renderer, welfare worker, businessman, mediator… Therefore our service of architecture inventory is addressed to You. Laser scanning, tachymetry and drones are applied techniques.

What you get from the architectural inventory that geoprofil.co pefoms?

  • Time – 2 to 5 times quicker than traditional inventory

  • Certainty of measurement of 100% – Geoprofil can make reports and visual analysis available

  • All data of objects during one measurement campaign

  • Clash risk reduced to minimum

  • 100% of visible object elements is inventoried – they can be used at any time

Przykłady obiektów

chmura punktów

Pałac Kochstedt

chmura punktów, 2D CAD, 3D MESH

Karwia ul. Mokra

chmura punktów, 2D CAD
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