5 serous risks you take daily in connection with heritage inventory

Do you manage an architectural object? You have a great responsibility to maintain the monument, protect it against the dangers and time elapse. Below some problems which you probably come across at the monument inventory:

  • Necessity to do the inventory before each renovation
  • Risk of not possessing the digital copy of the object in case of catastrophe (e.g. Notre Dame Cathedral)
  • Difficulty in assessing costs and scope of renovation works
  • Risk of object damage when taking measurements in the traditional method
  • Lack of certainty of unbalanced dimensions and complex objects

Despite the fact that awareness of the weight of monuments is increasing still quite a number of them is not adequately inventoried. Above problems can be addressed by inventory of monuments effected by laser scanning or by drone (photogrammetry).

Values which geoprofil.co offers to you?

  • 100% of visible object elements is inventoried – they can be used at any time

  • Possibility to reproduce the damaged elements – thanks to the digital copy of the object

  • Lack of risk of the object damage

  • Easier assessment of renovation costs – you have knowledge of detailed dimensions of each detail

And above all peace – thanks to digital copy of the object you are finally prepared to the unforeseen.

Przykłady obiektów

chmura punktów

Pałac Kochstedt

chmura punktów, 2D CAD, 3D MESH

Karwia ul. Mokra

chmura punktów, 2D CAD
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