3D CAD MODEL – Isn’t the point cloud alone sufficient for me?

Point cloud as the product offers a number of possibilities. It is not, however, an ideal product:

  • Big size of files – from few to few hundred GB,

  • A good work station needed in case of larger clouds,

  • Demands experience and practice in modeling,

  • Up close, details may fade away.


Therefore majority of applications prefer work with products derivative from the point cloud e.g. 3D CAD.

What do I benefit from choosing 3D CAD model?

Deciding on 3D CAD you eliminate risks of working with the point cloud alone. You save time which you would have spent on its processing. You may concentrate on what is really important to you.

What to start with?

The most vital is for you to be sure that what you decide on brings a measurable effect. That’s why Geoprofil always starts with definition of level of detail for each element to be modelled.

Part of the modelling process is done automatically. Despite of that each model element has to be manually verified. This manual process is time consuming and demands a lot of experience and care.

Applications of 3D CAD models

Great project starting material
Perfect basis for visualization
Initial state of spatial analysis (collisions, deformations)

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chmura punktów

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