7 sources of costs resulting from lack of detailed inventory of halls and large scale facilities

If you are responsible of management of the production hall or other large scale facility, you are to coordinate several aspects of the object’s activity simultaneously. Risks and costs resulting from lack of or incomplete inventory of hall or large scale facility:

  • Increased value of property tax

  • Necessity to perform inventory before each renovation or extension

  • Lack of knowledge of object’s technical status (e.g. beam deflections, planarity of the floor)

  • Danger of clash at installation of new equipment

  • Lack of precise knowledge of possessed or rented area

  • Difficulty in judging costs and scope of renovation works

  • Risk of lack of digital copy of object in case of catastrophe

Eliminating above risks enables to obtain greater freedom in decision making process when considering maintenance of halls or large scale facilities. You can also lower the costs remarkably.

What does the hall/large scale facility inventory offers to you?

  • Optimized property tax amount

  • 100% of visible object elements are inventoried – this can be used at any time

  • Full information of technical status of the construction – based on scanning Geoprofil can perform construction deformation and floor planarity analysis.

  • Elimination of collision risk thanks to simulation of several installation scenarios and choice of the optimal one

  • Detailed value of the object’s surface

  • Easier assessment of renovation costs – you have knowledge of detailed dimensions of each element

  • Digital copy of the object can form basis for object’s reconstruction or FM system 

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